The possibility of a car accident is one of the main reasons drivers need to carry auto insurance. Drivers need to carry at least the minimum state required liability limits to drive legally in California. Most consumers are looking for best deals on car insurance and are constantly shopping around for lower rates. But does a best deal mean having a lower rate, or does it mean having a good coverage on an auto insurance policy? Choosing a higher rate for a better coverage is a wiser decision but not always people can afford that higher rate. Insurance rates change all the time and most of the times they go higher than they already are. Every driver should think twice before making his or her final decision on the amount of coverage to purchase. If you decide to go with minimum state required limits you should take into consideration that those limits are set for those drivers who have no substantial assets. For example, if you own a property then your assets could easily be in jeopardy if you were to have a serious accident. Being sure in your driving skills and experience and knowing that you are a good driver is not enough to protect you and your close ones from accidents and the consequences they can bring. Getting a higher coverage, such as $100,000 liability limits per person, $300,000 liability limits per accident, and $50,000 liability limits for property can protect better not only your assets, but will definitely give you a peace of mind and a big relief. The higher coverage that can also be purchased through umbrella policy can give you an added protection beyond the limits of your auto and homeowner’s policies and not necessarily will cost you a fortune. The auto insurance shoppers should not fall for false advertisements that offer low rates and great insurance coverage, as it is impossible to have a low rate they might offer and be protected good enough to avoid complications in case of accidents. But this does not mean that a better coverage will cost you too much and will be extremely unaffordable. This is when you should try to find the right agent, who can shop around for you and find you the best deal that will combine both lower rates and higher coverage that are available in the market at that time.