How OnStar Can Help You Save Money

General Motors introduced the OnStar system over two decades ago, mainly as an emergency response system. OnStar has come a long way since then!

OnStar adds new features regularly, and the subscription service offers plans to suit each driver’s unique needs. Most people think of OnStar as a safety system, but it can also be a tool to save money. Here’s why.

What Plans Does OnStar Offer? What Features Do They Have?

OnStar’s new logo featuring the “Be Safe Out There” slogan, refreshed in 2022

The OnStar system offers four unique plans — Premium, Essentials, Safety & Security, and Connected Vehicle. Each OnStar subscription plan offers different features, but the Premium plan covers everything.

The services OnStar offers include:

  • Automatic crash response — OnStar reaches out to 911 dispatch and sends help your way if you are in a car crash.
  • Emergency services. OnStar’s emergency services connect you with a trained OnStar consultant who can walk you through challenging situations.
  • Roadside assistance, no matter where you are.
  • OnStar Guardian — safety services you can share with your loved ones.
  • Remote vehicle access allows you to start equipped vehicles, check your tire pressure, check your fuel, and more.

OnStar’s smartphone app makes your life a whole lot easier by allowing you to check what’s going on with your vehicle at all times, and you can even give your loved ones access to your location data.

OnStar subscriptions cost between $25 and $50 per month, but having OnStar can also save you money.

1. You May Get an Insurance Discount if You Have OnStar

OnStar’s safety features benefit insurance companies, too. That’s why some insurers will give drivers who use OnStar a small discount. Every little bit helps, right?

2. OnStar’s Vehicle Diagnostics Can Alert You to Problems

The remote access features OnStar offers can alert you to problems with your vehicle that you would have remained unaware of longer if you didn’t have the system in place. Timely diagnosis can lead to prompt treatment and significant savings! When minor problems go unfixed, they tend to become  big problems that are expensive to repair.

3. OnStar Can Unlock Your Car for You

Nothing’s more annoying than locking yourself out of your car. Yet, it happens more often than you might think! Your OnStar advisor can unlock your doors remotely for you in these cases — which can save you a lot of time and a fair bit of money.

4. OnStar’s Anti-Theft Features Can Reunite You with Your Stolen Vehicle

OnStar is equipped with a loud theft alarm that may deter car thieves, but the system keeps working even if your vehicle is stolen. This anti-theft feature silently continues to track your car, proving data you can share with the police.

Many stolen vehicles disappear forever, but you have better odds of recovering your car if you have OnStar. That can save you a lot of money, as well as a big headache.

Should You Get an OnStar Subscription Just to Save Money?

Saving money should never be your sole reason for choosing an OnStar subscription — that was never its primary purpose, and you can’t count on making savings.

Choose OnStar because of the peace of mind it gives you, whether you’re in a crash, your car gets stolen, or you need roadside assistance in an unfamiliar location. Choose OnStar because of the way it seamlessly integrates with your smartphone and because the system makes your everyday driving experience more convenient.

You may be able to make significant savings by choosing an OnStar subscription plan for your vehicle, whether because of a potential insurance discount or because OnStar allows you to recover a stolen car (with the help of the police).

However, saving money is just a bonus. OnStar is ultimately there to give you a safer, more connected, and more convenient driving experience.