With summer ending not only we need to say goodbye to a beautiful weather and the shining sun, we also need to get prepared to operate our vehicles safely in bad weather that we will be having very soon. We can consider ourselves very lucky because we live in California, where the weather is almost always pleasurable and warm. Our big priority is a lack of snow at winter time, which can and does prevent us from many accidents because of slippery and icy roads. But we do have many rainy days and need to be very careful when driving on those days. Every driver should know how to operate a car properly to prevent serious accidents that can cause not only damage to vehicles, but also bodily injuries and death. Even a very short rain can create slippery and whiteout conditions that can make the drivers’ trips dangerous.
Accidents increase at bad weather conditions because the drivers not always take the necessary precautions. It is very important to be extremely careful when driving in a bad weather because when it is raining the visibility decreases and road conditions become worse. We need to protect us and people surrounding us by implementing all the necessary tips when driving, whether the weather is good or not. We also need to make sure to be insured, because many times accidents happen regardless our driving skills and experience.

There are many useful driving tips for motorists operating their vehicles in bad weather:
 SLOW DOWN, because it takes longer to stop or adjust in rainy weather
 Try to stay in the middle lines of the road, because water usually pools in the outside lanes
 Do not drive too close to the other vehicles, try to keep a proper distance
 Do not follow trucks or busses closely
 Lower the music in your car and be very cautious and alert
 Try not to use your breaks, if possible, but drive slow by taking off your foot from the accelerator to slow down
 Have your headlights on so that you can see the road better and be more visible to other drivers
 Make sure to have new wipers and replace them often
 Do not drive through moving water, especially when you cannot see the ground
 Try not splash other cars or the pedestrians
 If you feel uncomfortable driving in a bad weather, then do not drive, if possible, and wait until it clears up