Did you know that around 25% of drivers in California are uninsured? Does this give you any concerns or worries? It is a very important issue for California residents to drive on the public streets or freeways knowing that nearly ever fourth driver has no insurance. This raises the risk of being involved in an accident with an uninsured driver, which will lead to unfavorable circumstances. But what can we do to protect us and our close ones against any claims caused by uninsured motorists? It is not possible to convince every driver to carry at least minimum state required coverage on their vehicles, but we can definitely add more coverage to our own insurance policies in order to protect us against the uninsured drivers. By adding uninsured motorist coverage to an insurance policy we are guaranteeing coverage to us and our passengers for bodily injuries caused by an uninsured driver up to the limits specified in our policies. Medical bill are very high but uninsured motorist coverage does not cost much. It is our responsibility to check with our insurance agents and have them add the coverage in order to avoid many complications in future.