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California is one of the cheapest states for auto insurance

Car insurance is required by law and whether we agree or not we need to have insurance, even if it is the minimum liability limits required by the state we live in. Nobody wants to pay and have any extra bills coming to the mail box, but there are some payments that are necessary, which includes auto insurance premiums. We want to be protected driving on the roads in case of any kind of accidents, even when we are not at fault. The Californians are lucky when it comes to auto insurance rates, because the rates here are one of the cheapest rates in the country. We definitely do not want to live in Michigan as the drivers there are paying much higher rates than most of the states. Whether you drive a 1975 Pontiac or a brand new Mercedes, if you are a resident of Michigan, you will be paying very high rates because of the law requirements the state has. Michigan law requires that every car insurance policy includes unlimited personal injury protection, which raises the rates much. California state requirements are quite different that Michigan and many other states. California requires bodily injury liability limits of 15,000 per person, 30,000 per accident, and only $5,000 per property damage. Such law limit requirements cannot cost too much to California drivers, but yet there are many uninsured drivers out there. Of course it is not too wise to settle for the lowest limits at the same time, but at least the drivers in our state have the option of paying less than most of the other states.
Here is a list of 10 states where the drivers pay the most and the least for their auto insurance compared to their income percentagewise.
Most expensive states:
1. Michigan: 8 percent
2. Louisiana: 5 percent
3. Kentucky: 4.5 percent
4. West Virginia: 4.3 percent
5. Mississippi: 4 percent
6. Arkansas: 3.7 percent
7. Delaware: 3.6 percent
8. New York: 3.5 percent
9. Nevada: 3.4 percent
10. Florida: 3.3 percent
Least expensive states:
1. Massachusetts: 1.4 percent
2. North Carolina: 1.6 percent
3. Hawaii: 1.6 percent
4. Alaska: 1.7 percent
5. Oregon: 1.95 percent
6. Iowa: 1.97 percent
7. New Hampshire: 1.98 percent
8. California: 1.991 percent
9. Virginia: 1.992 percent
10. Maine: 1.993 percent

Seeing these numbers we should not be complaining about the rates in California and make sure to carry insurance at all times.