Benefits of Defensive Driving Safety Classes

Defensive driving safety classes have a bit of an unfair reputation.

Did you think defensive driving safety classes are mostly designed for people with poor driving records, new drivers, or drivers trying to get out of paying the whole traffic fine? Think again!

Almost everyone can benefit from taking a defensive driving safety class. Even the best drivers don’t have control over other drivers’ behaviors, after all, and you never know what kind of conditions you’ll face on the road. A defensive driving safety class can prepare you to face the worst possible circumstances in the best possible way.

Still not convinced? Here’s why defensive driving safety classes — also known as traffic school — might be for you.

1. Classes Improve Your Driving Skills and Help You Avoid Accidents

Defensive driving safety classes cover a lot of ground. Why do accidents happen? What common mistakes cost drivers their lives, and how can you avoid them? What happens in a collision, and what can you do to stay alive and assist others after a crash? How can you improve your focus and reduce your risk of being in a crash in the first place?

Given that nearly 40,000 people die in road traffic accidents in the United States each year, and hundreds of thousands more sustain injuries, driving is likely to be among the riskiest things you do. Anything that makes it safer is a bonus, and a defensive driving safety class gives you a clear edge.

2. Can Lower Your Insurance Premium

Do you think you’re already an excellent driver? You may be right (although you can still learn something in a defensive driving safety class). You still have a compelling reason to consider going to traffic school.

Many insurers offer discounts to drivers who have completed a defensive driving safety class. The savings you make allow the class to pay for itself — and then some — in the long haul.

3. Boost Your Confidence as a Driver

Confidence comes with skill and experience. Nervous drivers, new drivers, and people who haven’t been behind the wheel for a while can instantly gain confidence when they learn about all the factors that improve their safety on the road. Even experienced drivers can benefit.

The skills you master in a defensive driving safety class give you more control, and that’s bound to improve your driving pleasure.

4. Teach You What to Do if You Are in an Accident

Defensive driving safety classes don’t just cover the best ways to avoid an accident, but also what to do if you find yourself in a car crash. While not every class is the same, many set drivers up with specific tips that help them act quickly and confidently. What should you do if your car is on fire or if a passenger is trapped? Take a defensive driving safety class to find out.

These skills may save your life and help you save the lives of others one day.

5. Can Make You More Situationally Aware

The crash prevention techniques that defensive driving safety classes cover give you a better grip on following distances, scanning your surroundings, and dealing with vehicle emergencies or unpredictable environmental conditions on the road.

This makes these classes especially great for brand-new drivers who don’t yet know what to look out for. People who haven’t taken a defensive driving safety class before or who have not taken one in decades might, however, be surprised by how many actionable tips they pick up.

6. Can Teach Drivers About State Traffic Laws

Have you recently moved to a new state? A defensive driving safety class can familiarize you with the law very quickly.

Defensive Driving Safety Classes Are for Everyone

Some people only take defensive driving safety classes to avoid points on their license or because they’ve been court-ordered to. A defensive driving safety class is good for much more than that, though!

Go to traffic school to help you become a more confident driver, to reduce your risk of a car crash, and to learn what to do if the worst does happen — or simply to enjoy a lower insurance premium.