San Diego, CA

When it comes to getting auto insurance, San Diego has no shortage of providers.  From major carriers to small franchised agencies run like mom-and-pop type firms, providers run the gamut.  In fact, the difficulty when it comes to finding quotes is in sorting through all the possibilities.

This is where we come in. At IIS, we are committed to helping you find the best coverage for you and your needs, not simply trying to sell you a single plan.

We are an aggregator. That means that we gather quotes from several established and reputable carriers and present you with the best offers for you and your needs.

We Help You Find Cheap rates.

One of the advantages of our approach is that it can help you to find some of the lowest rates in the industry.  San Diego has so many providers that the competition helps lower the prices for individuals. That is one of the advantages of living in such a large city.

Reliable protection you can count on.

When you are looking for coverage of any kind, you should not just look at the prices.  You also want to make sure that you will be protected by your policy provider. San Diego, CA is a very car oriented culture. Every day people get into scrapes getting to and from work and just going about their daily errands.  Even the best, most cautious of drivers often find themselves at the mercy of chance.

When you do get into a scrape, you want to make sure that your carrier will actually protect you and that your provider will not leave you to fend for yourself.  At IIS, we carefully screen all our providers to make sure they go beyond just providing you the illusion of protection.

We want to make sure that when it comes to their auto coverage, drivers are actually protected, so that should you have a collision, not only will you be able to restore your automobile, but you will also be financially protected should the other party become litigious.

Your go-to for unbeatable coverage and rates.

Put simply, We will go the extra mile to be your source for whatever coverage you may need. Whether you are looking to insure your dirt bike, RV, big rig, or motorboat, we can help you find the best, most affordable rates in the industry.

We will help you to understand not just the quotes that we get for you, but the differences in the policies and meaning of these differences.  From the deductible to the liability limits, we will make clear exactly what you are paying for.  We will make our recommendations, but in the end, we will let you make the decision.

After all, it is your money and your life, and you know best what level of risk you would like to carry. We are just here to act as a trusted counselor and to help you understand your decision.

So call us now and take the first step towards getting the best coverage plan that works for you!