Auto Insurance Riverside, CA

Choosing the best auto insurance can be a complex task without the right partner. There are a wide variety of policies with many different coverage types. IIS works with you to select the auto coverage that exactly fits your unique lifestyle, without trying to talk you into options you don’t need. Because we work with multiple providers, we can locate the best Riverside has available, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that you are covered in case of disaster.

You can trust us to get you the best most affordable quotes for you.  We know all the ins and outs of liability policies required by law, as well as the options your finance company expects you to maintain. We work with you to understand which best suits your needs, and we clearly describe how each product functions so that you know exactly what you are buying.

There are two main aspects of your insurance which you should be aware of: third-party liability and first-party expense.

Third-Party Liability

These policies cover injury to people and destruction of property caused by the policy holder. California requires that drivers carry a certain level of this type of coverage. Drivers are required to have it. Bodily injury liability pays for the fees such as medical costs, lost income, and even court determined financial penalties such as pain and suffering when you are found to be at fault.

Another aspect residents should be aware of is the property damage provision.  Property damage liability compensates victims for loss of assets associated with car crashes, including vehicle repairs. Our experts will discuss your options for policy limits. Many times, clients choose higher amounts than the law requires to be sure they are fully protected in case of disaster.

First-Party Expense Car Insurance

Many of our clients want find the lowest cost policy so they make a significant tradeoff by eliminating first-party expenses to save on premiums. We help you locate quotes that are affordable, while still providing the complete package you need to avoid major losses in case of an accident.

Some of the protections apply to situations in which no one was at fault for the crash. Alternatively, it may be that the other party was at fault but has protection to reimburse you. First-party expense also covers hit and run accidents in which the driver of the vehicle responsible cannot be located. This is referred to as a “collision policy”.

Consider what would happen if your car was stolen or vandalized. Can you afford to replace your vehicle if fire or flooding makes it a total loss? A comprehensive policy covers these eventualities, so you are guaranteed repair or replacement of covered automobiles. Rather than paying the full amount required to get you back on the road, you are only responsible for a small deductible – your insurer pays the rest.

Without complete coverage, you take on total financial responsibility for medical expenses and car repair in these situations. Ask your insurance agent about comprehensive, collision, and uninsured/under-insured motorist policies. The experienced specialists at IIS will help you measure what kind of car insurance in Riverside is right for you.