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IIS specializes in getting you the best auto insurance Chula Vista has to offer.  We are able to get you multiple quotes, and we are experts at getting you the lowest possible rates.  You don’t just get cheap car insurance. California has a number of those. But by observing a few preventative measures to maintain a good driving record, you can definitely help lower your rates. After all,  companies are betting on your ability to drive safely, avoiding the many hazards that cause injury and damage property on the road. They examine your driving history to determine how much of a risk you pose, and they set your rates lower when you have a record of excellence behind the wheel.

Moving Violations

One of the fastest ways to increase the cost of auto coverage is to accumulate speeding tickets and moving violations. Even if you are only going a few miles over the limit, you are likely to see a significant rise in premium costs after a speeding ticket hits your record. Other moving violations, such as running red lights and stop signs, are equally as detrimental to getting less expensive auto coverage rates.

If you do find yourself in the uncomfortable position of getting a ticket for a traffic violation, ask your provider whether it is possible to bring rates down with a defensive driving course. Many forgive or waive the extra fees associated with the ticket if you participate in the 3-6 hours of training. It is essentially a refresher of the driver’s education you remember from high school, with a few updated twists. It is also worth your while to go to traffic court, rather than just mailing in your fine. When you speak with the judge, your ticket might be reduced, meaning reduced premiums for your car insurance. Chula Vista residents often take advantage of this course.

Choose Your Car Carefully

Instead of buying your car based on looks or special features, to ensure you get the best, cheap auto coverage, research which vehicles are least expensive to cover. For example, your dream car might be super sporty, or you could be craving an SUV or truck. However, these types of vehicles guarantee you higher rates. If you decide that you can’t live without a car that is on the sporty side, we will do our best to help find you the best auto insurance quotes available in the Chula Vista area.

Other factors that are specific to the car being insured include brand new makes or untested models that have just hit showroom floors. When you select a vehicle that has five or more years of history in the market, you are likely to pay less for your coverage. Check the Highway Loss Data Institute’s list of which cars are stolen most frequently. If yours is on top, you can be certain of more expensive rates.

Finally, cars and trucks with strong safety ratings are less expensive to insure, so if possible, select a vehicle with a strong safety record and many standard safety features.

IIS is your partner in keeping costs low. We capitalize on the relationships we have developed with multiple companies over our years in business, and then we pass those savings on to you. Our mission is to find you the lowest possible price on car insurance. Call today to make an appointment with one of our specialists.