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What makes IIS the Best Auto Insurance Provider in California?

Because IIS aggregates several insurance providers, bringing them together under one umbrella, we can find you the best deal when it comes to your auto rates. To understand why this works in your favor, you have to understand the ins and outs of how policies work in California. In order for an individual provider to make money, they have to avoid putting all their eggs in one basket, so that if some kind of natural disaster should occur they are not over leveraged in that specific region. Think for example what would happen if a home owner’s insurance company insured every home on a hill in Malibu.

This is not a problem for IIS however. Since we are an aggregator of individual providers, we can offer you the most affordable quotes available in the state. That is one of the advantages you receive from acquiring your auto coverage through us—we do the footwork for you, searching for the best rate that suits your needs.

Best Customer Service In The State

Any fly by night outfit, however, can provide you with cheap rates. In California, where auto insurance is required by law and where cars are a necessity just to get the basic errands of life done, there is a huge demand for affordable coverage.

But having the proper insurance is not just about getting the cheapest you can find; it is also about the quality of the customer service provided by your provider. California, with its high cost of living, can make it tempting to cut corners in order to save; however, one should avoid doing so. You can end up paying much more out of pocket if you get the wrong kind of insurance or if your provider does not go the extra mile to fight for you when accidents happen.

IIS has been providing premier auto insurance for more than 15 years. Our
experienced agents are thoroughly fluent in the complicated provisions involved in procuring auto coverage in California. They
can help make clear the difference between the kind of cheap coverage plans that will simply not cover the basics, and the kind of insurance policies that will actually protect you from financial penalties with which you may not be ready to cope.

IIS Helps You Sort through your Policy Options

In addition, because we are an aggregator, we make it easier for you to compare policies on an equal footing so that you can compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges. As our customers often tell us, when you look for coverage on your own, it is hard to make a rational choice because the evidence so often seems incomplete or incomparable.

This is not surprising given that California quotes and policies are so often written in the kind of legalese that is virtually impossible for someone who hasn’t passed the bar to decipher. In addition, many of the businesses that offer cheap rates in won’t really take the time to explain the policy to you, since their whole business model is based on quantity rather than quality. We are different. We take the time to make sure you get the right policy.

IIS will help you sort through these confusing options and to figure out questions like :

Our expert brokers will not try to sell you the best policy for them, but the best policy for you and your needs. We will inform you about any special programs or privileges that plans offer so that you can take full advantage of whichever policy you choose. We want to make sure that your auto insurance is not only affordable, but that it protects you and your family, and gives you the peace of mind that lets you move on the more important activities in life.

All of this gives you even more reason to make us your first choice when it comes to shopping for affordable rates here in the state. We have the quality and experience that you can bank on. California drivers have been trusting us for more than a decade and a half with their well-being. It is an honor and responsibility we are proud to deliver.

What our customers are saying...

“IIS was easy to work with, great customer service. I got a great deal on my plan, better than I could find on my own. I highly recommend calling them.”

- Brian M., CA

“I never thought insuring
my home would be such
a painless and affordable
process. Thanks IIS!”

- Martha G., CA

“I am super happy with IIS. They were quick to get me multiple quotes on what I was looking for and didn't try to sell me stuff I didn't need. Thanks again, I will be back.”

- Sarah L., CA

“Fast and professional, the way I like it. I got great small business coverage on my fleet and saved quite a bit of money in the process. I will be recommending others.”

- Steven A., CA